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NEWS Cont:

At the end of February 2001, Aymie went to Guy’s Hospital, London, to have a day of tests.These included GFR, MAG3, Ultra Sound and renal X-ray. This was a very long day for Aymie, and we now have to wait for the results.

We also had an appointment with Urology Consultant, who has agreed to perform an operation to correct / improve the original site. There is a slight protrusion of the appendix, which was used as a tube for catheterising - part of the Mitrofanoff operation for the urinary catheterising. This will be done quite soon, as the waiting list is short.

I have had contact from our family in Italy, who hope to be visiting when the warmer weather finally comes along!! This will be very exciting as I have only met the parents so far. I have also been contacted by a new family in England.

I am also in the process of gathering some more information on MNS so that our ‘library’ can continue to grow. I am hoping that maybe later this year, or early next year, to arrange a gathering of the families we are currently in contact with. Hopefully, I may be able to arrange for one or two doctors to come along.

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